Saturday, May 26, 2007


Greetings and G'Day!

As the name implies, I am an academic. I have a master's degree in the engineering and computing discipline, and I'm currently shopping around for a good PhD program while keeping a great job dealing with safety-critical systems. More importantly though, I have the academic mind-set that allows an excellent mix of realism, creativity, and intellect. People find that I have a very unique and interesting way of seeing things, which hopefully can keep readers of this blog interested and perhaps even inspired.

I like to research and contribute to everything that I see as a good idea. This list includes things like technology (an obvious favorite), environmentalism and the whole "green" movement, and nudity. Although the last doesn't appear to fit in very well, I assure you that it's important and deserving of more research and support. I wouldn't have started this blog if it wasn't.

Currently, I have several different ideas in mind for this blog. My goal is to put out a good post roughly once a week (maybe less?) in one of the following categories:
  • Academic-style paper -- Researching and presenting some sort of emerging trend or issue.
  • Ideas -- Food for thought on some topic or issue, or perhaps a reply to other news.
  • Reviews -- I like to check out new places and people, so expect feedback on things like the Nude Car Show and other area events.
  • Stories -- I at least have a long story to share regarding my trip to Australia, and plenty of other stories.
As always, I encourage discussion and would love to hear your ideas, even if they are posted elsewhere in the blogosphere. (Blogs I read are listed on the side-bar.) Comments are currently open to all for all posts, and I will do my best to moderate posts which are unfavorable.

I admit -- I am fairly new to social nudity. I've been studying the nudist culture and going nude at home for many years, but have only recently joined the crowd. It's the best thing I have ever done, and both my significant other (also new) and I are now hooked. You'll be able to follow along as we explore this brave new world together. Hopefully she will do some writing here as well, since her views are much more fresh and unclouded by years of research.

Hopefully I've captured your interest with this first post. Are you ready? I'm certainly ready... So let's go!


Brian said...

"I've been studying the nudist culture and going nude at home for many years, but have only recently joined the crowd."

I'm in the same boat, although it's hard to tell if my girlfriend is truthfully accepting, or tolerant. She makes little "woo woo" sounds every time she sees me nude, which is every day. Between her, and living in Milwaukee, I've been restricted to being a solo naturist for years.

Mike said...

Well, if I lived in Milwaukee, I'd head to Sun Ray Hills (see my review). You can go alone, or with her. They are very accepting of people who are new, and she can keep her clothes on as long as she likes. If she's tolerant, then she will at least enjoy watching you splash around the pool. If she's accepting, then she might just join you! Either way, I'm sure you both will want to go back. (And if not, leave her home next time! :-)

Tom Mulhall said...

My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and I own the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA. I also wite a blog.
I enjoy reading your blog and linked to it from mine. Thank you for linking to me.
We are originally from Chicago, now you know why we moved to Palm Springs. keep up the great writing.

It is always interesting to read about nudism from the point of view of newbies.

To Brian, I would assuming the "woo woo" is a loving tease from your girlfriend as she would say something else if she wasn't happy.

If you take your girlfriend to a nice nudist resort in Florida, the Caribbean, or with us in Palm Springs for her first experience, you will have a good chance of hooking her on vacationing nude forever. Tom

Anonymous said...

Intriguing to spot you. UW BA me, plus a good many years UW faculty [department withheld to protect somebody or other] before getting out of that ratrace. Your field possibly less ratty than L&S.

Primarily semicloset nudity these days, opportunity for social never quite arose and the Better Half is truly against it.

But hats off to you, and here is to as less textile UW.