Thursday, March 29, 2012


After years of Blogger tempting me with the "Monetize" option, and years of swearing that I would never put Ads on the blog for profit, I found a happy medium.

I'm holding true to my word that I am NOT looking to profit from this blog. There are others that need all the money they can get. They are the ones who will get the cash.

At the end of each year, I'll cash out the earnings and send a check to NAC. (This assumes there is enough to cash out, $100 or more.) I'll pay the tax on the income. If the taxes become too much (which is unlikely), I'll instead donate the money to NEF and claim the tax deduction. I'll put up a post each year with the summary and proof of the donation.

Not only is this bringing outside money into a critical part of naturism, it also encourages me to blog more and generate more buzz to increase page views.

If the Ads become too annoying and have too little payout, I can always shut them off. What's your vote -- am I doing the right thing?