Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skinny-Dipping Country

A List of Country Music Songs which Portray Innocent Nudity

Everyone who despises country music seems to think it's full of sad songs about dogs, wives, old trucks, and drinking.  Sure, that's often the case, but there's more to it.

Being a bit of a "hillbilly" myself, I often listen to country music.  I like it.  Pop music is full of sex, rap is full of gangs, and older music is too full of love songs.  Country music is often full of clever storytelling.

Part of that storytelling is of naturist interest.  It's common knowledge that many of our grandparents used to skinny-dip at their local swimming hole and thought nothing of innocent nudity.  (It was more common in rural areas.)  Country singers, even now, still sing about memories of skinny-dipping and a healthy attitude towards innocent nudity.

The List:

Craig Morgan - Almost Home.
"Drip dryin' in the summer breeze, After jumpin' into Calico creek" - Actually a memory from an older man in the song.  It doesn't say he skinny-dipped, but it's a reasonable assumption since drip-drying in clothing is nearly impossible.

Steve Holy - Brand New Girlfriend
"flew out to LA for the weekend, spent the whole day, lyin' on the beach, wearin' nothin' but a smile" - He's likely talking about San Onofre Beach which has been under fire in recent years.  If you're a fan of Steve Holy and think he should be able to do as his song says, donate to NAC.

John Michael Montgomery - Country Thang
"We like moonlight sippin', late skinny-dippin'." - This song is a big list of what it means to be Country, which skinny-dipping is a part.

Halfway to Hazard - Country 'Til The Day We Die
"When it gets hotter, We naked in the water" - Again stating that skinny-dipping is part of being Country.

Blue Country - Nothin' But Cowboy Boots
"Nothin' but cowboy boots, sets your spirit free. That wild wild western birthday suit, is the remedy for modesty" - The song is all about the joy of nudity.

Brook Benton / Joe South / Bobby Bare / ? - Dont It Make You Want To Go Home
"There's a six-lane highway down by the creek, Where I went skinny-dippin' as a child" - Many parents now would freak out if their children went skinny-dipping in a creek.

Dolly Parton - Sugar Hill
"Down in the mill pond swimmin' naked ... We were just kids explorin' nature" - Childhood memories of skinny-dipping, and still finding it appealing.

Ken Mellons - Don't Make My Have To Come In There
"When I was a boy about ten years old, I went swimmin' in the fishin' hole, Floatin' around in my birthday suit" - Another childhood skinny-dipping memory.

Bobby Bare - They Covered Up the Old Swimming Hole
"But it never can compare with the food for the soul, You could get for a dip in the old swimmin' hole. ... And I'm wishing these days I could strip to my soul, And go for a dip in the old swimmin' hole" - Society squeezing out yet another skinny-dipping area.

Billy Ray Cyrus - I Want My Mullet Back
"I 'member packin' that ol' fishin' pole, Skinny-dippin' at a swimmin' hole" - Per the song, he misses his mullet more than the skinny-dipping.

The McClymonts - Kick It Up
"And if you jump out in the water, You got to be naked as a breeze" - A female band who is encouraging skinny-dipping.

Whitney Duncan - Skinny Dippin'
"I never felt more alive" - Another female artist with a whole song about a skinny-dip.

Edens Edge - Skinny Dippin'
"There's no iced tea, no AC, I guess we'll just have to cool off naturally" - Yet another female with a cute skinny-dipping song.

Williams Riley - Country Livin'
"When we get hot we just go skinny dippin'. That's what our women love about country livin'." - The men agree that everyone loves a skinny-dip.

Craig Morgan - Nothin' Goin' Wrong Around Here
"Luther wackin' off weeds in his underwear. They go moon skinny-dippin this time of year. There's always somethin' goin' on, But there ain't nothin' goin' wrong around here" - Obviously no problem with skinny-dipping.  The song continues by bragging about the low crime rate: "Only time Sheriff Lester breaks his handcuffs out, Is when his wife's been drinkin' and they're back at the house."

Blake Shelton - Who Are You When I'm Not Looking
"When you undress, do you leave a path? Then sink to your nose in a bubble bath?" - There's nothing wrong with going about the house naked.

The Roys - Beautiful (no lyrics online, just a video)
"She fussing 'cause she can't find nothing to wear, when to me she looks real good standing there." - Another reference to simple nudity in the house.

Trent Willmon - So Am I
"We love the life we're livin'; It feels so good skinny-dippin'. Skinny-dippin' an' long legs kickin', In the Mississippi mud line." - This scenario is a fairly big part of the song.  It starts with a hot night when they're fishing, and clearly a skinny-dip is a much better idea!

Dixie Highway Band - I Call It Love
"I remember skinny dipping in Lawson's Pond, And your daddy caught us in each others' arms ...
He took you with him along with my clothes, And I walked naked all the way home" - Isn't this what all couples go through when they're in love?

Blake Shelton - Cotton Pickin' Time
"As I passed Old Johnson’s Mill, I saw Becky Morgan, skinny dippin’ nude. ... Then she gave me a come here smile ... I fell down tryin’ to kick off my jeans." - There's no apprehension when a chance to skinny-dip arises.

Blake Shelton - Green
"And when the summer time hits, we skinny dip in the stream. I was green before green was a thing" - A song about environmentalism (being "green") which puts a skinny-dipping reference in the chorus.

Justin Moore - Redneck Side
"Went to meet her family ... Yea we were really havin fun, Til they caught me in the pool at 2am, Wearin nothin but a farmers tan" - That about sums up modern skinny-dipping -- frowned upon by the masses, but a whole lot of fun for those who partake.

Blake Shelton - Playboys Of The Southwestern World
"Aw but my favorite memory of school that fall, Was the night John Roy came runnin down in the hall, Wearin nothing but cowboy boots and a big som-brero" - Do country people just randomly run around naked?  It sure seems that way.

Terry Allen / David Byrne - Buck Naked
"They’re all naked in the land where I come from" - The song is actually a religious song, stating that everyone is naked in the eyes of the Lord.  But he asks "Well, how does it feel; Does anybody know?" Yeah, I think naturists are well aware of the feeling of being naked.

Travis Tritt - Wanna Feel Too Much
"I wanna run naked in the rain; feel it soak my skin." - He describes this like it's a good feeling.  Any naturists who have been in the rain know it's quite cold and unpleasant!

Tracy Byrd - You Feel Good
"I like sleeping in the nude, When It's hot and the moon is full" - Isn't it always a full-moon when you sleep nude?

If you know of other songs, please add them in the comments.

Of course if you're not into country, you can instead rock out to Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be Naked.