Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

It's been a few years since we've attended the Friends of Mazo Beach / Badger Naturist Halloween Party.  (This year nicknamed the Zombie Apocalypse.)  We had forgotten how much fun it is.

Being used to the VVRC Mid-Winter Party, the differences become more apparent.  The age is a bit younger here, with a few kids and more people our age.  We see a different set of faces here that represent Mazo beach and TNS.  The facilities include a steam room, sauna, arcade, and large conference room with a kitchen.  The pool is perfectly warm.  The hot tub is perfectly hot.  The hotel itself isn't bigger, but it's better.  Same with the party as a whole.

Percilla and I spent much of Friday helping decorate and paper up the windows.  Then we hit the hot tub, pool, and sauna a few times.  Saturday, she had to go to class, so I spent much of the day bouncing between the hot tub, pool, and sauna.  So much so that I had to visit the laptop and look up the hazards of too much hot tub use.  Luckily, I'm not on medication, not pregnant, and not concerned about sperm count.  As a fellow hot tub owner, I can say from experience that theirs is properly maintained and the chemicals balanced, so no concerns there either.  Back in I go!

Saturday night was fantastic.  Dinner offered an array of great food that fit the Halloween theme.  It was the best pot-luck meal I've ever seen.  In addition, a live guitarist offered acoustic background music during the meal.  (A DJ played background music in the pool area too all evening.)

After dinner, the spooks crawled out of the woodwork.  This year was the most costumes I've seen.  Many couples had their own themes: Cowboy and Indian, Devils, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, the Bobbitt's, and many more.  Several of the costumes were quite elaborate.  All-in-all, a majority won prizes after 13 categories were defined.

This trip was a basically a last-minute decision, where we didn't have time to come up with a clever costume.  Our plan was to "sit this one out".  But, as fate would have it, another couple brought along a few "minimalist" costumes and talked us into trying one.  They dressed as smartphones, with post-its representing apps.  We dressed as candy dots, with those round colored stickers that are usually used in garage sales.  It was fun.

Saturday and Sunday mornings offered a variety of breakfast items, both what the hotel usually offers (bagels, cereal, etc.) and freshly cooked items from the kitchen (french toast, various things with eggs, waffles, and donuts).  There was no shortage of things to eat all weekend.

After yet another dip in the hot tub, we helped with taking down decorations and general cleanup.  Another successful Halloween party comes to a close, and we're looking forward to next year!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer of VVRC

Since we've only gone to VVRC this summer, I figured I'd summarize the trips in a single post.

In May, we spent a weekend sharing the family suite with Alice and Bob.  (Having the room makes the trips a lot easier!)  A fun evening of Karaoke and a fantastic themed supper were provided by VVRC.

July 4th weekend, Alice and Bob brought a friend.  Temps were well into the 90's which is a bit hot even for a naturist.  The pool was popular.  We had another fantastic themed supper from VVRC.

Early August, we made a diplomatic day-trip.  After the board meeting, they called another quick meeting to hear me out.  I pitched the idea of a fundraiser (separate post on that later), and pitched the idea of writing an article for N magazine.  They loved both ideas.

A week later was Car Show weekend, which happened to land on an unseasonably cool weekend (so numbers were down a bit).  It was fun as always!  I sported a "Press" hat and made it known that there was a N article in the works.  I definitely spent more time and effort on this article that any of my previous ones.  It's an article I'm quite proud of.  Hopefully the editors at TNS were kind.

Labor Day weekend, as I found out, has the second-best event of the summer -- the Nude Olympics.  Saturday was a Caribbean Carnival with a big parade, themed supper, and an entertaining steel drum player.  Sunday was the Olympics.  It was the largest group of active naked people I've ever seen.  My team won Silver metals.  Going for gold next year!