Saturday, November 17, 2007

WWNCW: Background and Modivation

I have a unique talent... Somehow, I'm able to learn a whole bunch about any topic, and figure out exactly what it needs -- and then make it. I have a genuine motivation to make the world a better place, and a whole bunch of knowledge about algorithms, patterns, logistics, models, and theories. In my field of study, we analyze and solve problems in a wide variety of disciplines. It seems that any problem can be modeled, and then can be solved using the model's ideal solution. However, this one is a bit fuzzy. Things don't exactly fit into the models, so there's a lot of fuzzy logic, assumptions, and guess-work that needs to be done. This is also a skill that I have -- accurately making predictions and weighing importance. (Understanding these really help with that...) I'm known for the ability to find a really creative solution to a problem which works surprisingly well. Lucky for you, I'll be doing more writing this winter!

In studying nudism, and the social webs of nudists, I found a few issues that seem to be common:
  1. Nudists are happy to laze in the sun all day.
  2. Nudism is very traditional, and done in traditional areas.
  3. Nudist groups are fairly introverted (and keep to themselves / secretive).
Numbers 1 and 2 mean that there is little change in nudist resorts. They are "graying" because they haven't changed with the times, and haven't really broken number 3 yet. Many resort owners will argue that they have changed with the times, such as making a brand new massage parlor or installing the latest video games. However, they're still living in a slightly-improved "web 1.0" world when we're at "web 2.0". This is a topic which I'll be covering in a later series - "My Future Nudist Resort".

Instead of working towards a common goal, it seems that nudists would prefer to seclude themselves and enjoy lazing in the sun with their close friends. I believe this is why the AANR really hasn't done much in the last couple of years, the FBA or ANF haven't taken any of my suggestions or updated their pages based on my emails (details about that are at the end of my Australia Story, also a later series), and even the INF hasn't done a whole lot recently. You'd think that organizations which cover giant areas or land or the whole world would be a lot busier. On the flip-side is the NAC, which is an excellent freedom fighter! However, it's not that big of a group, so their influence is limited. (I sincerely hope that they decide to use the WWNCW to make their efforts easier to organize and more influential -- the site would be the perfect tool for them!)

I don't intend to take away anybodies sun-bathing time, but instead make use of the other times such as darkness, winter, time at home, and possibly even down-time at work, when the nudist is alone and day-dreaming of the next trip to the sun-bathing area.

There are also some good qualities that I'm betting will be the driver of change:
  1. Nudists are genuinely good people.
  2. Nudists support nudism and would like to see it expand.
  3. People in general are becoming more tech-savvy.
So why don't people become activists? It's because their stuck... First, nobody can cause a revolution by themselves, and the people that try normally result in negative publicity for nudists and new laws. Many don't even try because it would easily damage their reputation. That is understandable -- it's what holds me back too. Second is that they find it difficult to work together. They can't put an ad in the local paper: "Nudist seeking nudists for revolution, call me at ..." because this would also damage reputation. Working together in person as a group is great, but it's difficult to gather many people and difficult to coordinate with other groups. That is why many nude protests are fairly small in size. The textile world is huge, and we're just tiny secluded islands.

I believe that the fundamental bottleneck for the "free body movement" is mass collaboration.

The best tool that is currently provided by any big nudist website is a forum. Forums are great for chatting, but aren't so great at collaboration because they only let people talk in pre-defined topics. The only nudist wiki's that exist are simply for information, which doesn't help much either. We needed a better tool to break this bottleneck! So, I created one...

A wiki, as I've discovered, is THE BEST tool for collaboration, assuming that it is set up for it (instead of for information) and is easy enough to use by common people. The WWNCW is geared specifically for mass collaboration at any geographical level among anyone. Also, it's users can remain anonymous and help out with tasks that won't compromise their anonymity. This tool can harness the three positive qualities above: Tech-savvy nudists can moderate, improve, and promote the tool, and genuinely good naturists can volunteer to help out with regional projects. The result will be organized positive change, which is what we all wish to see.

A bonus, partly to get people to use it, is the social network part of the wiki. Everyone gets a homepage and can tune in to what their friends are doing -- which is a simplistic version of "myspace" or "facebook" that is specifically for nudists. This form of information sharing is great because it allows people to meet up easier and keep in touch with friends no matter what the distance. A week of internet-based coordination among friends can lead to an extra fun weekend at a resort or beach!

Welcome, naturists, to Web 2.0! It's your turn to change the world.

Update: I almost forgot to include a link to some of my original inspiration.

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