Thursday, April 2, 2009

Missed News (4/2009)

If you were expecting pictures and a farewell today ... April Fools! :-) I at least convinced one blogger who realized it may not be true an hour later. I also had friends questioning if it was true or not, but they at least flagged my post as fishy right away. Other than that, it seems that nobody cares... Or they wanted to wait and make sure I was leaving before commenting. Here's a roundup of other April Fool's jokes.

The "Missed News" series is for all the random stuff I found interesting, but was missed by other popular bloggers. (Or that needs to be covered again.) Hopefully I filtered out the duplicates from Nudiarist's recent flood of news posts.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping it wasn't true but since it was a "part 1" I figured I'd wait for part 2 to learn more. Glad you're still with us.

As Nudiarist pointed out, a lot of nudist bloggers have either disappeared entirely or just stopped posting. I have several links on my web site that I've identfifed as still in existence but havent' been update in a while. A few haven't been updated in years.

It was a good prank though.

Anonymous said...

It was great joke. But it was sad when I believe that you leave.

I don't like to post comments in English, but I'm reading your blog permanently, because its one of the most interest resource. You very good writer, with a great humor sense.

Good luck!

Academic Naturist said...

Next year (and in the future) I'll certainly go the "funny" route instead of the "convincing" route.