Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TNS Eastern Naturist Gathering

We're leaving tomorrow, and we're Twittering the event! (Thanks to Nudiarist for the idea to set this up!)

My girlfriend's cell phone is linked to her Twitter account: NaturistGirl. We'll be using the #TNSENG hashtag for the event, so feel free to use it too if you're going or commenting. Follow our trip at both of those links. Internet access will be spotty, so don't expect a quick reply to any @NaturistGirl comments.

For the trip there, we're spending two nights at Niagra Falls. For the trip back, we have no plans.

I have two presentations to give at the event: "Crowdsource Our Problems Away" on Friday, and "Greening For Profit" on Saturday. Much of it is already posted in my Future Resort series, parts 5 and 3.x respectively. My goal is to make these available on the net afterwords for all of you. If I'm good, I'll be able to offer a video instead of just the slides.

Wish us luck!

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