Monday, August 3, 2009

Mazo Manor - S2E05 - Big Summer Festival (p2)

Previously, on Mazo Manor:
"A battle between the nudes and the textiles was on! .... The tug was dead even for what seemed like several minutes. Muscles were flexing on the rope, and feet were digging into the sand, but both teams held their own without an end in sight. Everyone at the beach was cheering loudly and were at the edge of their towels in anticipation!"

It was a low-balled tactic that finally ended the match. One naturist decided to sneak in at the end of the rope, which added just enough power to slowly overcome the textiles. The cheering got twice as loud as the naturists pulled to victory. The bikini girls didn't notice the below-the-belt ploy and never demanded a rematch. I gave the winners two tickets each this time. The bikini girls decided to stay on the beach (in the water) and mingle with the naturists for the next hour or so. As far as I could tell, they loved it just as much as we did. They have a good story to tell their friends when they get home...

The Elders were surprisingly quiet this year. Normally they cash in on the free food and remain active spectators. This year they kept to themselves entirely. We challenged Kingpin to some lawn games, and he declined as expected. Smokey was there to relax. He had his headphones on and tuned out everything. He at least talked with us for a few minutes when we challenged him to a game.

Another person I spotted at the beach was Boots. I didn't notice Tank around but the beach was busy so she might've been. I didn't get a chance to ask him how the trip went. He also didn't play any games.

There were several people that got games in during the last two hours. One notable group was two guys and two girls, all about our age and attractive. I've met them before at the beach and at the car show, so I knew they were swingers. It was obvious anyway since they often made flirty vulgar comments during the games. The photographer took pictures of them playing the games.

Note: I know I mention vulgar comments a lot recently. It's important to know that I always talk about the few instances that I witness. Almost all of the conversations and interactions at the beach are not at all vulgar or flirty. If kids are around, the conversations are always clean. This is a good reason to bring kids to the public beaches -- it helps to enforce a family friendly environment.

As I mentioned previously, there was a TNS photographer at the beach. That means the next N will probably carry a few of the pictures from the event. [UPDATE: It didn't, haven't seen them yet (early 2010).] If you see a group of four, with only the women's backsides, it's the group I mentioned above. He also took photos of all tugs, including the one with the bikini girls. (I really hope that one gets included in N!) The last photo I know about is of my girlfriend and I at the game table. I can't wait to see which ones are included, and I'm curious about who is going to do a write-up about it.

After the games, we had the drawing for prizes. About half of the people who won were there, so they were easy to deliver. I sent out all of the rest except one. That one hasn't returned our calls and so we don't have an address. Oh well, I'll recycle it into a prize for something else.

The same couple that brought our stuff in helped bring it out. They helped to pack everything up with both us and Gaia and helped move it to the vehicles. Not only did they drive our stuff to the parking lot (as we walked), they also unloaded most of it into our car by the time we got there. We got their information and have full intent of sending them a "thank you" gift, once we figure out something good to send. I'm sure they have the item mentioned above already.

Late that day, and on Sunday when they served food again, Gaia and Captain Planet picked up some trash around the beach. As expected there really wasn't very much trash left behind by the naturists.

A fun time was had by all, even the ones that didn't really participate. The event went smoothly, and the number of people playing games is about the same as other years. All-in-all, I'd call it a success!


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