Sunday, May 9, 2010

Naked Girls, Reading?

What's the most boring thing that you could watch someone do? Read. (Or play a videogame, which could be a close second.)

What's the most boring thing they could read to you? Song lyrics and autobiographies, perhaps. Or childrens books.

What makes the above successful? Cute naked girls. (Any reference to nudity in the title makes it an instant hit!)

At the start of this month, the Naked Girls Reading group had a huge show in Chicago where they read stuff about rock musicians and played guitar hero with a few of the audience members. They are planning a similar show in Madison later this month. I'm not going.

Let's be honest... Naturists would find this event to be one of the most boring things we could possibly sit through. It would be more entertaining watching a mix of naturists play volleyball, tennis, frisbee, bocce, or swim around the pool. I could even join them. It would be more fulfilling to get to know them personally. The only problem with this scenario is that everyone is naked, and society doesn't want to see that, do they? A recent poll points out that "a lot of people were more reluctant to see other people in the nude than go au naturel themselves." Strange... Tell that to the naked girls.

Michelle L'Amour, a Chicago based burlesque star, originally started the event as a joke. "Nobody is going to be interested in people sitting around reading," a friend recalled. To everyone's surprise, it was an instant success. Michelle bought a website for the group, keeps touring, and keeps changing it up as she goes. Check out their press coverage so far.

I fully expect this concept to spread with plenty of copycats. Any group of cute girls could book a venue, advertise, and find the same success. Just like the naked calendars, there will be lots of spin-offs. Naked Girls Painting? Naked Girls Videogaming? Naked Girls Knitting? Naked Girls Playing Chess? Naked Girls Doing Yoga? Naked Girls Doing Taxes And Other Complex Paperwork? Naked Girls Being Naked? (That last one would prove popular, since it references nudity twice!)

With all that aside, does this help naturism? Some may argue that exposure to naked bodies helps to overcome the shock of nudity, and therefore nudity will become more acceptable as people get used to it. With all the naked calendars that exist, all the burlesque shows, all the artwork, all the nearly naked advertisements, all the pornography, all the consumers of such things, and the fact that everyone has one, how does the naked body still shock?

Society has erected a wall. A huge wall. A wall so big that some mistake it for the end of the universe. On one side is a happy healthy nudist campground, full of realistic bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. On the other side is a society that is deathly afraid of seeing over the wall. Even knowing what's on the other side irritates them. They believe that the only naked person should be an attractive person who gets paid. Being exposed to real bodies should be a crime of the highest magnitude.

So how do we push down this wall? We read! Why can't naturists jump on the bandwagon? I believe that groups of naturists should start up a show, and read naturist propaganda and other stuff that may be of interest. (Academic papers on Vitamin D deficiency may want to be skipped.) Since cute naked girls are like cracks in the big wall, advertising should include a cute naked girl to get people hooked, but the show should add a fair mix of readers. Not only can the naturist groups convince the masses that body freedom is good, but it also allows the masses to meet real naturists.

Get to it, grassroots naturists! Start "Naked Nudists Reading Nudist Propaganda". I know it would be the new rage because it references nudity THREE times, and would include at least one cute naked girl!


Rick said...

I don't see much point in watching anyone read, naked or not. I love to read naked but no one watches me do it. Guess I'm not pretty enough.

Our society is so schizophrenic when it comes to nudity. Pretty naked girls are OK but regular naked folks, not so much. We want to see naked body parts but when we do, guilt, remorse, and moral indignation set in. It's too confusing.

Anonymous said...

i bet if the naked girls reading events spreads to some other cities eventually some city council morons will pass a law that limits it to adults only or another restriction like zoning ordinances.

Nudists should support the reading events. Yes its boring but i think it helps with our goal in the long term

Besides vitamin d being important people need to know that UV radiation is also important. UV radiation, NOT vitamin d, might limit multiple sclerosis symptoms
This is a new finding & its a new reason to be naked!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Doug. Don't think your idea would work. After the first-night reviews come out and folks find out it isn't really a strip show, but rather educational with middle-aged people they'll run far and fast!

Academic Naturist said...

As for the age group, remember that "Calendar Girls" was a successful movie and it caused a huge surge in nude calendars with all ages and body types. They are all surprisingly successful.

As for educational... The NGR group reads quite a variety that I would consider educational too.

Lastly, nobody thought Naked Girls Reading would be successful either! You never know what could happen...

Hank said...

anonymous wrote:
UV radiation, NOT vitamin d, might limit multiple sclerosis symptoms
This is a new finding & its a new reason to be naked!

Thank you Anonymous! My relative has Multiple Sclerosis and now I can convince him to get naked in the sun! And dreary Boston has the highest rate of MS too.