Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fundraiser Recap

I tried out two fundraising ideas this year.

First was advertisements, which I detailed in this post.  In the first 3 months, it raised a whoppin' $3!  Then the AdSense team decided to shut off the ads in August (apparently) due to lack of original content.  After adding some more content in recent months, I tried to get ads turned back on.  They refused, so no more ads!

Second, as a winter project I built an arcade machine.  (I'll have another post on this later.)  Then, I took it to VVRC's annual Car Show for the extended weekend.  I found that many like to admire it, but few like to play it.  (I only asked for donations too -- some played but didn't donate.)  It raised $23.25.  I chipped in another $20 and sent a check to NAC.  Bob wrote a reply saying it was a clever idea and thanked me for the donation.

The arcade is mostly for personal use (in the rec. room), but I built it for fundraising.  At another fundraising event it raised about $125 over two weeks.  However, that money was for a non-naturist cause.

Coming Soon:

My "Future Resort" series is back!  After being "in progress" for more than 2 years, I present my bold new expectations for the future.  All 7 parts are scheduled through January.

I also plan to write more about non-nudist projects, like the arcade and some of the other things I've been working on.  Maybe I'll bring some non-nudists to the blog.

Hopefully everyone is having a Happy Holiday!

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