Sunday, August 26, 2007

How To: Try Nudism as a Woman

I've been reading some of the slightly older posts from a new-to-me blog feed: Nude Freedom. [UPDATE: This blog has since been deleted.] In mid-June, he tackled the topic of the gender imbalance, but only concluded that there's a lack of young females. He suspects that this is due to them being gawked at (which they don't like), and that their boyfriends may not like that either. I'm sure that many other bloggers have talked about this subject as well.

What I find funny is this: I bet none of the male bloggers have ever truly experienced being the "hot girl at the party" (as I like to call it). None of them know first-hand exactly what it feels like to be gawked at, and hit on, just like the hottest girl at any party.

I have.

No, seriously, I have!

I'll be writing about this in great detail later on. (It's actually part of my Australia story.)

However, the point of my post is this: Yeah, that's why young women don't go. There's two attitudes though: First is that they don't care and maybe enjoy the attention. If all women had this attitude, they'd be just as common as the guys. Second is that they dislike being gawked at and hit on by creepy guys. Most women have the second attitude, and the reason some appear is because they feel they have some sort of safety against this either via friends, resort policy, or a lack of creepy guys in the area. This doesn't just apply to nudist places either, but any other place where creepy guys might be.


Nude Freedom posted a video that backs up my writings above... However, this question hit me after I watched the video: Why do they never try it again?

[UPDATE: Video is gone -- from the comments below: The first video is something two young women made, where they talk about stuff before they go to a small nude beach. Then, it cuts to them talking about what happened. Being two women, unprotected, they were a magnet for creepy guys. They promised to never try naturism again.]

A cute blond walks into a bar, and gets hit on and annoyed by every creepy guy in the place. Does she go to another bar? You bet'cha! So why is it different with the nude beach?

My theory is this: Women who want to try nudism are more likely to go to a free beach, simply because they don't want to feel like it's a waste of money if they don't like it. (The girls in the video did this, and I did this in Australia.) What they don't know is that you get what you pay for in terms of security. Any resort or managed place will immediately kick out a person who is harassing another. These people instead go to the free beach, where they can't be kicked out unless done so by a volunteer or two. Getting approached and bothered by one of these people is seriously disturbing...even for me! Nudity makes people more open and free, but also makes people more volatile. Although similar to a bar, being nude makes it hurt much deeper, and it's understandable that they'd be scarred for life. It takes a strong-minded and confident person to overcome that, which some are and do.

Women, seriously, TAKE A GOOD MAN WITH who will protect you from the other men at a free beach. OR, pay a little bit and go to a resort or camp instead. This will lead you to a much better first experience in nudism!

Now...if only newbie women actually read this blog...

Also posted on Nude Freedom is this documentary. [UPDATE: This video is also gone, but it showed a great gender and age balance at the beaches.] Were the beaches and clubs of yesteryear (yesterdecade? yestercentury?) really this full of young people and balanced gender?? If so...what happened?? Or are they just showing off for the camera and the video editors just picking the good stuff? Am I completely wrong? Please answer in the comments...


Anonymous said...

I tried nudism a couple of times. Never again! Nudism sounds great in theory, but so many of the guys who are into it aren't into it for the reasons they say and when you watch them or talk to them you start to realise that. These guys are nudists because they like to stare at naked women, or they seem to like the thought that women can see their private parts. Sometimes they get as close to you as they can and sometimes they even hit on you. OK, I know that's not always the case, but these creeps freak me out. Wearing a costume is a small price to pay to stay clear of these weirdos. Seriously!

Mike said...

Well, I hate to point this out, but those 'weirdos' are all over. They are at the textile beaches too, and in the malls, and in the bars, and in everyday life just about everywhere. You can't tell me that guys are only attracted to you at the nudist areas. Attractive women get attention from creeps everywhere they go -- it's a curse, really -- and the nude beach is no different than any other place. Did you follow my advice? Are you strong enough to tell them to get lost? Stay tuned for my Australia story -- I was in the same situation as you were, but I took a different approach than running away.

Elton said...

Yes, those weirdos are all over. They are at the Textile Beaches, the junior colleges, and in the malls, basically because they are everywhere.

I used to be one. I think I am, I can't help it but look at an attractive woman. But if more people were nudists, there would be less of these weirdos. If nudity were as common, say, as people wearing textiles, then everyone would be used to seeing nudity and it would be a common theme.

Anonymous said...

I'm in my 30's and was lucky to grew up being French and with liberal parents regarding nudity. Being nude at home (in summer) was never something to be ashamed of. My first experience of "social" nudity took place when I was 7-8. By "social" I mean being among a large group of nude people other than my parents. I had being nude before since in France infants and toddlers are often nude when it's hot weather, even among textile people. When I was 7-8 we went camping in one of the biggest naturist resort in Europe : Montalivet, France. I was a bit uncomfortable for the first few hours but after making (naked) friends of my age, I forgot about my nudity, and I had one of the best vacation I ever had as a child. A few years ago, I decided to take my boyfriend to that place. I had never forgotten the beautiful, large beaches and the family friendly atmosphere. My boyfriend is American and had never go to a nude beach. He loved it. We've met families from all over Europe. And the nudity create an atmosphere of fraternity like I have never encounter elsewhere. And here is my point : this is a well-known family friendly, nude, public beach. If anybody starts to act weirdly there, you have LOTS of people who are going to react to chase away that person. And you are encourage to call the police too. Since then we went to many other places. And my experience is that when a place is not official, then you are more likely to have a bad experience, because perverts know that normal nude people won't voice any complaint since they were doing something "illegal" : being nude.

Tom Mulhall said...

I agree very much with your post that you should have your first nudist experience at a resort, not a typical American nude beach. And it is not because I own a resort, Terra Cotta Inn, but because in our experience it is so true.

Every year we will have well over 100 phone calls or e-mails from husbands who went to a nude beach with their wife, there were too many single guys making their wives uncomfortable, and their wives say they will never try nude sunbathing again.

Now that said, not all nudist parks and resorts are the same, so you need to check them out too and go to a nice one.

You should go to a nice nude beach like Haulover in Florida where there are lifeguards or nice nudist resorts. Also in Europe, almost all nude beaches are also very nice as they don't have the hang ups about nudity like we do here in the US.

Nudism is lots of fun when you are at nice resorts or beaches.

Anonymous said...


Do you know where I can get a copy of the video you referenced in this article?


Academic Naturist said...

Ack...the blog disappeared! And google doesn't have a cached version!

The first video is something two young women made, where they talk about stuff before they go to a small nude beach. Then, it cuts to them talking about what happened. Being two women, unprotected, they were a magnet for creepy guys. They promised to never try naturism again.

The documentary... I honestly forgot what it's about. I would have no clue what to search for. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

The blog you mentioned "Nude Freedom" was my blog. I grew tired of it and closed it. A shame because the video I used really showed how women are treated at nude beaches. The video was about two women who visited a nude beach in Europe for the first time. They experienced unwanted attention and talked about all the creeps on the beach.

Women have the right to go to a nude beach and be free from harrassment. Empathy makes the world go around, try walking in their shoes. In nude recreation, and in all things, remember to respect others and yourself.