Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Review: VVRC's Car Show

A couple pulled up to the gate Saturday morning in a fancy car, and asked if they could enter the car show. Then, the woman noticed a naked person, covered her eyes, and began to freak out. The man did too, and asked the people at the gate about it. This was a nude car show! They left in a hurry!

We were there a full day before that couple. We had no problems checking in and finding our back-corner tenting spot. We had the tent up in no time, but since it's small we kept our stuff in two bags outside the tent. As per the rules this year, we had to move the car to the field on the other side of the grounds.

Our neighbors were great! On one side, there was a very generous middle-aged couple in a truck-mounted camper. On the other side of us was an empty spot, then a slightly-crazy 40 y/o motorcycler. He had ridden from New York to Sturgis, and was on his way back. The crazy part is that he did this on a tiny, crappy motorcycle that had broken down a few times already. He's been stopping at nudist places along the way because the people there are much nicer, and it's much more relaxed. Once his cycle was fixed again Friday evening, he was off to get through Chicago while the traffic was tolerable. Also on Friday, a middle-aged couple moved in to the empty spot by us. They were very fun people, and introduced us to the group across the lawn. Another middle-aged couple with a beautiful rebuilt classic streetrod and an older couple right next to them. We spent most of our time over the weekend with this group. (They had shade!)

The demographics were almost all middle-aged to upper-aged. In fact, we might've been the youngest couple there. It seemed that everyone younger than us were brought by their parents, and it seemed that everyone we were around were our parents' age. I guess car shows are for that age-range... But, car shows are also for men. I was surprised at how many women were there. It was, as usual, dominated by men, but it seemed that most of them brought their women along for the weekend too. Lastly, it seems that none of them read my blog. My earlier description [which has since been removed] was dead-on. We were the youngest couple in the smallest tent, I wore the hat almost the whole time, and nobody else had a hat like it. Nobody said "hi" and mentioned anything about the blog. Oh well, it was worth a try!

The food was reasonable. VVRC provided meals either at the clubhouse or at the food tent over most of the weekend. Advice: bring money! We didn't have enough, and had to make a trip to Cambridge. The meals were about the same price as a cheap restaurant, and were enough to fill you up. Friday evening was taco's and baked potatoes. Saturday morning was eggs benedict and other breakfasty items. Sunday morning was free donuts and cereal. Lunch Saturday and Sunday were dogs/brats/burgers/corn at the food tent. Saturday evening was an expensive steak or chicken dinner, which we didn't get. Instead, our neighbors invited us to have brats with them since they brought way too many and didn't want to take them back.

The place filled up over the weekend. VVRC told us that the official count was almost 500 people!!! The pool became human soup, and the pool area sunbathers extended outward well beyond the pool fence. Every RV spot was taken, and every tent spot was taken. There were extra RV spots along the inner edge of the parking-field, and extra tent spots at the east end of the grounds (top part of their map). The cornfields are high enough where you can't see the roads from either location. When we were at the extra tent spots, we noticed that there was a lot more shade and more breeze up there, so we'll probably get a spot there next year if we can.

There's always stuff going on. Each day, there was a DJ playing music from 10am until late afternoon. Also, there were raffles and occasional horseshoe and volleyball games. Friday night was karaoke. Most textilers have nightmares of being on stage naked, but these people do it voluntarily and have a great time! Some were pretty good, and some weren't so good, but the tent was full and everyone was enjoying it. Saturday night was the highlight -- they had a live band named "Who'z Playing". They played a wonderful mix of covers and had an excellent sound to them. This was their first time playing at a nudist area, so they kept their clothes on...at first. Being surrounded by over 100 naked people, they decided to slowly undress between songs. Sometimes they made a show of it, such as revealing patriotic undies and then playing a patriotic song. One of the guys was hesitant on taking his clothes off, so a group of women decided to help him! By the end, everyone was naked, dancing, and having a great time! (And I learned that some guys shouldn't do the twist naked...)

Oh, and there was a car show going on too! They had about 30 cars, many of them beautiful classics. They even had several specialty cars, a snowmobile, and a class for motorcycles (although I didn't see any). There were about a dozen different classes, so everyone had a pretty good shot at winning a trophy. We rode in the streetrod for the parade -- I got to ride in the back with the motor-driven waving kid dolls. He won a trophy!

At 3am Sunday morning, we were awaken by a big thunderstorm. I had to quickly fix the top tent screen to keep the rain out, and we just cuddled tight in our sleeping bag until it was over. We had our clothing in a cloth bag, and everything else in a waterproof military bag. Luckily, we were in a place where we could crawl out of the tent naked and not scare the neighbors! The sun was out in the morning and I put all the clothes on an ad-hoc clothesline to dry. They were dry by the time we had to leave.

Overall, VVRC's nude car show was absolutely great! It gets a full 10 out of 10 as an event! However, based on what I know about VVRC, I need to give the club a lower score such as a 6 out of 10. I was told by several people that members have to pay full membership and are expected to work. So mowing the grass or cleaning the office is expected if you're a member. Several people said that they prefer either Sun Ray Hills (review) or Blue Lake simply because they don't have to work.

We're sunburned, but we had fun! We're both looking forward to next year!

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Rick said...

Great review. I'd love to attend an event like that if they had one in my area.