Saturday, April 5, 2008

Australia Story (p7), Buchans Point: The *Other* Wrong Side

(No picture this time -- I didn't take any at this location. I'll make up for it next time.)

My last day in Cairns, and I was on the most popular nude beach in the area. I unknowingly picked a spot in gay territory (see previous post), but have moved to the 'straight side' of the beach for the rest of the afternoon. The guys were still eyeing me up as they walked past, though. Whatever, I thought, as long as they don't bug me.

The back of the beach was divided up into sections by trees and brush. It's a slightly skinny beach, so most would walk along the ocean part and lay in the back part. To the right of me was some empty space and a group of men and one woman. To the left of me was the tree and some brush, some empty space, an attractive couple around my age, and some other groups beyond them. I couldn't help but glance over and see what they were up to from time to time. At one point, the woman went for a dip. This was the first time I had seen anything like this in real life, and it was truly a beautiful sight. It was the type of beauty that artists have been trying to capture for centuries.

After a few more men passed by there was a fully clothed woman, probably in her upper 20's, walking her dog. She had on a hat and sunglasses, and had a very unique grin on her face! After she walked by, I couldn't help but laugh. It was obvious that she was checking out all the naked guys sprawled out along the beach.

Not long after, I noticed an older fully-clothed man approaching my area. He was short, wrinkled, and had a small hat and thick glasses. He looked up towards me and stopped before he got to my section. He wandered around as-if he didn't want to go past the brush and continue down the beach, and he eventually walked towards the back of the beach and into the brush after several minutes. He stood behind the tree and brush that separated the sections next to me. Strange, I thought... Wanting to keep an eye on him, I looked towards the couple and groups beyond without actually paying much attention to them, and would glance back every so often. When I did, he would often look towards the couple as well.

The man was a true voyeur! His face looked like a stereotypical voyeur, and he was dodgy and quiet like a voyeur! He was hiding in the bushes somewhat and was watching the attractive girl in the next section, but was also paying attention to me since I was closer to him. What a bastard -- I certainly wasn't going to ignore him.

I turned to the side and began watching him intently, with a small look of anger on my face. He was already looking at me when I started this. I watched him for a couple minutes, most of which he was looking back at me. I didn't see a camera, but was convinced that he might have one. He was over half hidden by the bushes. It was his move, and I was hoping that he would take the hint and leave.

He batted his eyebrows, and my world was turned upside-down. My eyes widened, and a chill went down my spine. I turned to face the ocean again, mostly to turn my back to him. I had suddenly realized that he wasn't voyeuring her -- he was voyeuring ME!

Take a moment and consider this situation... You're naked, and there's an old clothed guy hiding in the bushes behind you who's soul purpose is to watch you. He might be taking pictures -- or he might be masturbating -- but you are certainly the object of his desire. Does it make you uncomfortable? Heck yeah it does! This situation was deeply disturbing, even for me. Now what should you do about it? Put on your clothes and leave? Most women probably would (hence only three at the beach perhaps?), but I had a different approach.

First was to stay naked. He is obviously somewhat mesmerized by me, so I probably had more control over him while nude. Second was to destroy the film or memory on any camera -- I'm not mean enough to toss the whole camera into the water. (Besides, photos survive that, although the camera may not.) Third was to get backup, who just happened to be coming my way at that moment.

A big, tough, tattooed guy was walking past. Risky, I know, but I also know that most people are genuinely good. I got up to meet him, and said "Can you help me get rid of a voyeur?" He looked back and knew who I was talking about. He said, "sure, I'll tell him to piss off." I said, "I'll go with," which he replied "well just tell him yourself then" and continued walking. Thanks, man! I wanted to outnumber him when I approached him, but it looked like that wasn't going to happen. I was standing anyway, so I might as well get it done with. I walked around the brush and back to where he was, and stopped about 15 feet away. He seemed delighted that I was approaching, and giving him a good view.

"Are you watching the lady over there or are you watching me?" I knew the answer, but wanted time to evaluate the situation. I didn't see a camera, and he didn't appear to be masturbating -- good! He didn't say a word, but brought up his hand and pointed at me with a smile. He was sitting on a log, and then patted an open seat next to him. "No thanks," there was no way that I'd get any closer. Sometimes I'm just too nice, "Can I ask you to buzz off?" He looked down for a moment, disappointed, and then nodded. I went back to my towel, hoping that he would leave. He did -- he completely left the beach, probably to return another day.

A heavy-set (clothed) man must've seen us talking as he was going down the beach. He asked "did he have a nice cock?" This was certainly an unexpected question, but I answered "I don't know, I didn't look." He said "oh, I thought he was wanking off back there" and kept walking. Despite my emotional stress of the last couple hours, the shock of his question almost made me laugh.

The rest of my evening was quiet. I was still completely disturbed and couldn't get the events out of my head, but I at least didn't get hit on anymore. I was still there and enjoying the beautiful day. As the sun got lower, I put on my clothes and started my hike back to the bus depot. By the end of that day, I thought the events were at least a little humorous. I survived a truly corrupt beach, and had to deal with some scummy people.

Next on my agenda is Shelley Beach, a close-to-home nude beach that is also known to be a gay beach. I apparently didn't learn anything today.



Anonymous said...


I went to Buchans point for the first time the last couple of days, then googled it and came across this story.

By in large my experience was very positive. I'm a young guy not in bad shape and I had no untoward or sleazy advances, sure the odd person had a good look (male + female) but I guess that is human nature, at no point did it feel dis-respectful or seedy. More appreciative I guess, definitely no inappropriate sexual behaviour or anything.

The first day I was at the bottom of the beach and there were more guys but there were also a few couples around too and it was all very pleasant, I went for a dip in the water and a walk up the beach and it was very peaceful.

The second day I went back to the bottom of the beach and it was all older guys, so after a while I did move to a more mixed area, but it was fine nobody said or did anything to make me want to move. I guess I just felt more comfortable with more of a mix of people around

So yeah I guess I am just posting to say maybe you got it on a bad day (or I got it on a couple of good days) as I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you need to get over a serious does of internalised homophobia and shame of being nude. It's not cool to go to a predominantly gay beach and then start confronting people because you fell a little bit uncomfortable. It seems you're a good person with good intentions, but your "othering" of gay men is pretty ugly.