Friday, September 12, 2008

Status Update (Year 2)

Over the last year, my attitudes have changed with hiding my nudist lifestyle. If people find out, I'm confident in my abilities to defend the lifestyle -- and maybe even make them jealous with all the fun stories. My trophy is on display at home, and my blogger profile now has my real name and some other info. I'm not hiding as much as I was a year ago, because I realized that all the people I know probably wouldn't care. As they find out, I'll be sure to post the stories here.

Last winter, I promised two longer series. Sorry that it's taking me a year to get to the second one! It's in queue, along with a soon-to-be-released Mazo Manor and a multi-part Burning Man feature contributed by the commenter to this post. Since I'm done with all the school-related projects, I will hopefully have more time to contribute to this blog and to other nudist-related projects.

Looking back, it's amazing how great the dive into social nudism has been for both of us. We've made more friends than in previous years, enjoyed our stays at a few venues and beaches, attended an awesome party, helped out the community, met a helicopter pilot and a high-up political official (among many interesting people), got nice tans, won a cool trophy, and overall had a great time doing all these things naked. I can only imagine what the future has in store for us!

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Allnudist said...

Let us be the first to congratulate you on obtaining your "associate degree" in social nudism! The way you're going you should get your "masters" a lot quicker than it took to get your acedemic one. And congrats on that, too. Both are accomplishments to be proud of.

Do us one favor, though. If you should go running off into the world to pursue your career, don't give up this blog. Let us continue to follow your adventures and speculations about this, our wonderful lifestyle!