Friday, January 16, 2009

My Future Resort (p2) - Land

Personally, I find land to be a wonderful investment. It is my life goal to scoop up as much as I can, because I know that with the exponential increase in population and simple supply/demand economics, my land will be worth exponentially more later on. I would prefer to buy land instead of a new car, nice house, vacations, gadgets, or most anything else. The more land I get, the merrier. I'll continue on this topic later on...

What would make an ideal nudist venue?
1. Seclusion -- So nobody can peek in, and to avoid trouble with the laws.
2. Sunshine -- Just because it makes us happy.
3. Space -- We need room to run around.
4. Accessibility -- It should be easy to get to.
5. Comfortable -- Few bugs, clean air, good weather, etc.

Let's start with an idea that's way out there -- a space station! I don't see any reason why the residents of the International Space Station should wear clothes. Maybe they don't when they're not on TV, who knows! This type of venue has plenty of seclusion, an unhealthy abundance of sunshine, and I'm sure it's comfortable since the environment is completely controlled. However, there isn't much space (inside) and it isn't accessible by any practical means (yet). The price is the killer, since it's far beyond what we can spend. Along similar lines, a nice tropical island has a lot more space, but isn't too accessible either. Let's move on to the slightly more realistic ideas...

Caves and other underground dwellings are an interesting option. They have plenty of seclusion, are somewhat accessible, have all the space that can be dug out, and are are free from most pests. Sunshine can be brought in for lighting and heat. Several places exist that look comfortable, like the vapor caves, Ainsworth hot springs, Banff hot springs (with natural light), most of Coober Pedy, Cheyenne Mountain, and many people's homes. I haven't investigated this option much, but it seems like it would be expensive to dig. Even natural caves require a lot of work to make comfortable and safe.

How about something extremely accessible? For the city-based nudist venue, we have a few different options. A typical house could be a nudist venue, except that it lacks on several of the requirements above and wouldn't be successful. For added space, a warehouse could be made into a nudist rec center, but it lacks sunshine and fresh air.

There is a possibility that is the size of a warehouse but also includes sunshine -- a castle. Many castles that I've seen have a large open lawn within the compound. Honestly, a castle-type structure would work nicely as an urban naturist retreat, since it mostly satisfies the requirements above. Walls would maintain privacy from all the neighbors, so that a large lawn could remain secluded. Like any castle, the building part can hold all the facilities, guest rooms, weapons, and gold. Although a real, big, brick castle is beyond practicality, one could take ideas from it to build a structure that has large walls on all sides, thereby making a large secluded lawn in the middle. I know this has been done already by a lot of resorts, since it seems to be the ideal solution for urban nudism.

Maybe the best option, and most realistic option, is to stick with rural land. It lessens the accessibility, but can greatly increase the space for the same amount of money. Although location is important, the quality of the land needs consideration as well.

Valleys and sometimes flatlands are bad because there tend to be a lot of bugs. Flatlands are generally more windy, but in order to have seclusion and privacy there needs to be trees or some sort of wall. These block the wind, so that bugs can't be blown away. Also, both of these places don't really have the best privacy, since someone can easily peep through the trees.

Here's a piece of advice for any venue which has a bug problem: Build or buy bat-houses. They're almost free, and the increased number of bats will cause a huge reduction of bugs. For specific types of bug problems, do some research to see what the natural predators are, and lure them in.

My ideal solution, and the land that I hope for, is 100 or so acres that covers an entire hill. This isn't cheap, maybe $400k around my area, but it's the ideal place to have a nudist venue. The hilltop provides privacy with both trees and steep land, so that it's highly unlikely that anyone would climb it just to peep. This allows only one point of entry -- the road up. This is similar to the castle-type structure I mentioned before. The higher altitude means it's breezy, so all the bugs get blown into the valleys. There's plenty of sunshine, and plenty of room. This is my choice for the rest of the series, although I do have one other tempting option.

For about the same price as my big chunk of land, I can buy something else which has plenty of seclusion (castle-style), sunshine, a reasonable amount of space, limited but easy urban accessibility, reasonable comfort, and has a proven track record for filling up with nudists. Boats! I don't mean little boats either, for around $300k I could buy a pretty big cargo vessel. Then, astroturf (or an eco-friendly alternative) could be laid on the deck. Or, better yet, thick carpet could make the floor more comfortable than hard metal. Add in a hot-tub, pool, and some games and we're set! This nudist venue could travel all around the world. It could park at profitable cities during their summer as an ad-hoc urban nudist resort, and it could offer specialty cruises for less than the giant cruise ships. Later on we could always upgrade vessels, or add to the fleet with other boats like a floating hotel. This makes for a tempting idea -- is anyone willing to do a joint venture? It would be nice if nudists had their own permanent cruise ship, instead of borrowing others for a very limited time. The only problem is fuel costs, but engineers are working on that.


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Anonymous said...

OK, this sounds cool. A few years ago I could have offered you a hundred acres of hilly, open, springfed land in south-central Wisconsin, but that's gone.

So how about a double lot Madison with a house perfect for a bed and breakfast, plenty of room for a pool and sauna, just needs a couple of fences. Lots of sun!

We hang out naked as it is right now! We'll await your offer...