Thursday, January 1, 2009

Missed News (1/2009)

I survived the holiday season! I ended up driving 708 miles to visit family and friends, and never left Wisconsin! Google says this is almost 18 hours of driving. This is about the same amount of time that it would take us to drive one-way to TNS East this summer in Massachusetts.

Santa was good to us this year -- the theme from the family was a Wii. After I buy 2 more wiimotes, this will certainly be a hit at any future nude parties! It'll go great with my projector -- both are very portable and all I need is a power outlet.

I signed up with Skinbook on Tuesday. In 48 hours, I've had 32 email messages from them, 23 of which are people adding me as a friend. Unlike Facebook, people seem to add each-other for no reason at all. I haven't been adding them as friends because I have no idea who they are. (And most seem to be in the UK anyway, so I'll never meet them.) Sorry guys, but "friends" should be friends, and not everyone that exists. Feel free to add me as a friend if you actually know me somehow, and please state how you know me. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not going to add everyone that exists on the network as a friend.

Onward to the missed news:
  • I drove through PdC several hours before the event, but was unable to stay for their annual Carp Drop. Hey, it sure beats a chicken nugget! My girlfriend wants to be the Carp Queen next year, so we'll try to charm the screening committee with some muddy water skinny dipping stories.
  • It's a sad day for privacy on the nude beach when people have a camera implanted in their eyeball.
  • Speaking of cameras, researchers have used them to create body-swap illusions. It's a bit creepy, actually. It may eventually be the cheap way to vacation naturally.
  • Jennifer Aniston's bodyguard spoke out about how she rarely wears clothes. She was recently naked on GQ, and gave her famous tie to Letterman.
  • I'm a fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and thought it was humorous that John Barrowman exposed himself during a radio show. Hey, they asked for it...
  • At least John didn't do any swaffling. What? You've never heard of the word? It is the Dutch word of the year! It also happens to be my word of the year for 2009.
  • Recently, All Nudist and I were complaining about the cold Wisconsin weather. You know it's cold when a dog gets frozen to the sidewalk!
  • All Nudist was brave (crazy?) to make a naked snow angel (which we will follow up on sometime this winter), but I think naked snorkeling in Minnesota has him beat! Hear that Steve? You have a new challenge!
  • Check out this flasher -- I'm surprised she wasn't arrested.
  • I can't seem to find this shirt, or this shirt online anywhere -- anyone know where they're from? I at least found this good one while looking.
  • Here's the latest from the naked pumpkin run -- Instead of "indecent exposure", they got citations for "disorderly conduct" and at least one has accepted the plea deal and the cops are defending their bullying.
  • In Paris, models braved the cold nude to protest the ban on artist's tips.
  • A French court awarded Carla Bruni damages for unauthorized use of her nude photo on handbags.
  • Here's a cute video of what to wear to different beaches and resorts.
  • If "disorderly conduct" and "disturbing the peace" aren't enough, a city (or two) in Michigan can ticket you for just being annoying. Make sure to call the police for every offence you encounter every day!
  • Remember the old lady that was arrested for not returning a football that landed in her yard? She's suing the parents now.
  • Here's another old lady that gave a naked intruder "the squeeze" to chase him off. This raises a lot of questions: 1. Why on earth would he be naked? They didn't say "pants down" or anything, just naked. 2. There's no mention of attempted rape, so what was going on? Swaffling? 3. What is "private indecency"? I've never heard of that charge before... I always thought it was legal to be indecent in private.
  • There's another war going on that is similar to the war on nudity. Instead of nudists being arrested and charged as sex offenders, chemists are being arrested and charged as terrorists and illegal drug producers. At least they caught him with his pants down!
  • There's a new nudist "podcast" (online radio show) called the Naturist Living Show. It's shaping up to be a worthwhile listen with some big name interviews.


Rick said...

I've got the "Nobody knows I'm a nudist" T-shirt. I'm looking for one that says "I do my own nude scenes."

Anonymous said...

The I heart nudist t-shirt possibly came from
In The Buff Stuff
. Maybe it's time to start a blog giving fashion tips for nudists! We're all so bad at handling textiles (grin).


Anonymous said...

Is this close enough? They also do tanktops, etc. - Steve