Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crazy Eskimos

Last week, All Nudist humorously described the current Wisconsin weather. (It's even snowing on his website!) It's a bit warmer now, but it's been an interesting day...

This sums up my last 24 hours in wonderful southwest Wisconsin:
  1. Freezing rain -- enough to go ice skating on any flat surface.
  2. Snow up to a foot on top of that.
  3. Temps near 15 degrees, winds up to 25 mph. (I don't want to calculate the wind-chill!)
  4. Walking 18 blocks (30 minutes) across town in said weather to campus and thinking nothing of it. Mickey Mouse boots and a good coat do wonders! I never got cold! This was for a training through work, since I'm actually done with school for now.
  5. I saw several people walking around outside wearing t-shirts on campus.
  6. I saw several people walking around outside wearing shorts on campus. (If they stop by the gym, they wear shorts that whole day.)
  7. I saw several people riding bicycles to/from campus in said weather -- I seriously can't understand how they do it, since cars even have trouble getting around! I never see them fall, or evidence in the snow that they have fallen, yet they are riding on ice and through snow.
Last weekend, a southern attendee to Lee's memorial service referred to us as Eskimo's. (He then pointed out that it's odd that TNS is based here.) By definition, Eskimo's do not live in this region. I believe the phrase he was searching for was "just plain crazy". Often it's in a good, tough, and humorous way.

This Thursday, assuming we're able to visit some friends of ours, I might just make a naked snow angel! They have been known to dive naked into the snow, and take a dip in their pool after breaking through a layer of ice on top.

UPDATE: Of course we did! We didn't right away, but after Steve made one we had to! (See the comments on his post.) It was mid-January and 15 degrees out.

Is it wrong to be crazy when the others around us are just as crazy? Is it wrong to be naked when when the others around us are just as naked? Hopefully your answer is the same for both questions... In my opinion, doing crazy (but safe) things every once in a while is something that keeps us human. From what I understand about Lee, he would've probably agreed. Hopefully the next N magazine will capture some of the crazy/cool things that Lee has done in his life, since several were talked about at the memorial service.

Have you done anything crazy recently? Post it to the comments if you have.


Travis said...

I still go in flipflops on campus...occasionally bearfoot until last week

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you about bikes in snow, have to dodge them all day in Madison. Slip, slide, wobble, fall down. Just don't want them falling down in front of my car!

And don't worry about being crazy. Why, you're no more crazy than we are!

Naked snow angle tonight, I promise. - Steve

Anonymous said...

OK, took up your challenge (unspoken or even made) and did the angel.


Your turn! ;-) - Steve

Anonymous said...

i live in the woods in rural kenosha wi. its -8 below wind chill -25 and i stepped out on my porch today totally naked at 200pm sunny and just for the hell of it. first time this year. shrivel shrivel.