Monday, February 16, 2009

My Future Resort (Intermission)

I'm a bit nervous about posting the next four parts. They will certainly challenge the traditional way of thinking, and I can only imagine what sort of response I'm going to get!

So far, the focus has been on finding the perfect land and building efficient things on it. This is a somewhat obvious goal, with an equally obvious problem -- it costs money. And money is something that isn't abundant in most nudist campgrounds and many resorts. In order to get money for stuff, I believe that there needs to be a new social framework in place. This will be described in the next four parts.

Not all of the previous ideas cost money though. Here is a recap of the ones that are almost free:
  • Build bat-houses to keep the insect population down.
  • Replace commonly used light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED.
  • Install low-flow showerheads.
  • Collect rainwater in a barrel for watering plants.
  • Wash clothes and dishes by hand.
  • Use the microwave instead of the stove-top.
  • Shut things off when not in use.
  • Install timers and motion sensors to help with shutting things off.
  • Label electrical devices with their costs.
  • Recycle used veggie oil if any is available.
  • Have a garden.
  • Landscape to keep buildings in the shade during the summer. (Trees and vines)
  • Ventilate better to keep places cool.
  • Tell people to take a dip if they're hot -- don't turn on the AC.
  • Turn down your tank water heater.
  • Build passive solar water heaters for a water tank pre-heater and a pool heater.


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