Sunday, February 1, 2009

Missed News (2/2009)

The "Missed News" series is for all the random stuff I found interesting, but was missed by other popular bloggers.
  • Here's a few entertaining predictions from the 1909 New York Times, one of which deals with feminine beauty.
  • Also from NYT, their article "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Worries" was one of the top 10 travel stories for 2008.
  • It's clear that the younger generation is desensitized to nudity, let's just hope that they can separate sex from simple nudity.
  • I made it on Nudiarist's Best of the Naturist World series. It's quite an honor! I'd better see him on that list eventually too...
  • Although he would've satisfied his own ideals (of not being anonymous) with a clothed picture or mug shot, Nudiarist finally posted a nude photo of himself. Congrats! Be sure to post a comment of support if you haven't yet. It's a brave step that more of us need to take. Rick and All Nudist (can't find the original post to link to - way too many to look through) have taken similar steps recently as well. Keeping with the spirit, another blogger has joined in as well.
  • Here's an interesting study on how cities can overwhelm our brains.
  • People dressed in naked suits are always funny.
  • The story about the ban on skimpy swimsuits in Florida has already been covered by other bloggers. But, they missed the story about Grenada banning swimsuits and baggy pants in areas other than the beach.
  • The "best job in the world" looks like it would suck. Why would we want to wear clothes on a island beach for 5 months? I can think of better jobs...
  • In our area, it's a really bad time to own a driveway or sidewalk. Help is on the way with a snow shoveling robot.
  • Speaking of snow... I mentioned it, then All Nudist did it, then we did it as well.
  • The pictures I posted were on the WWNCW in an area that search engines aren't supposed to index as per the robots.txt file. In other words, it shouldn't appear at all in Google's searches, right? Google is indexing it, sort of. They have the text from All Nudist's link and the URL, but no text. Shame on you, Google!
  • Warnings on video games? It's a step in the right direction. At least they'll make it known that studies link it to violence, and parents might hesitate to buy it.
  • Wired magazine has picked up the story about nude kids and cell phone cameras. I love Wired, and I know they have a huge reader base, so I bet things will start to change.
  • Here's a neat new project from a nearby university: A map that shows how many miles your food has traveled. It's nice to know that my Velveeta Mac&Cheese (and ingredients) have traveled 28,173 miles. Mmmm, tastes like carbon.
  • I know there are a lot of geeks that read this blog, so when I saw this cartoon I thought it was too funny to pass up even though it has a sex theme.
  • We're still waiting for other nudists to join us on Faceboat. We're so lonely...
  • Here's a funny sign for the not-so-skinny dippers.
  • Speaking of signs, why doesn't Mazo Beach get a sign like this one? The DNR would point out that it's not an official beach, but would warn the unsuspecting.
  • PETA is at it again, and it makes me hungry.
  • Google's anti-privacy crusade is costing lives. Where is PETA on this issue?
  • I always seem to have news about the "Technology Against Privacy" issue. From this Wired article (first page, last paragraph), the person tries an experiment: He sees a stranger take a picture in a public park and never sees them again, [insert a few easy steps here], he knows exactly where she lives and has seen every room in her apartment. It's scary that a connection like that can be made.
  • In other privacy news, here's an example of a hidden camera at a nude beach. If you frequent South Beach and see this person, please punch him for me.
  • Bloggers have been pointing out this him and her chair set. Where is the nude model for the "him" version?
  • Tom is encouraging nudists to support nudist resorts more.
  • One of my readers has started his own blog. He's mentioned Wired magazine and being nerdy, so he's already on my good list.
  • NakedJen had her facebook account deleted, probably due to the name, and is calling for others to write to facebook about it.
  • I'm on TrueNudists and Skinbook as AcademicNaturist. Make sure to say you're a reader of the blog if you add me as a friend.
  • I'm also new on Twitter -- is anyone else? I added my Twitter feed to the side panel, and will use it for more personal thoughts than what I post on the blog.
  • Is it really illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota?
  • Also in Minnesota, a religious zealot smashed his SUV into a Planned Parenthood office. To be fair, someone should smash their SUV into his church or house.
  • Don't forget to put on a condom before riding a bike.


Rick said...

Some interesting items. I follow NakedJen on Twitter and she posted something along the lines that Facebook may have deleted her because they see NakedJean as a "product" not a person. Who knows?

My son has a Wii Fit but he's probably not going to let me come over and use it naked. But it wouldn't surprise me if my daughter-in-law has used it in the nude. She has some nudist tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm in the Twin Cities; haven't made it to any of the resorts in Wisconsin, but plan on hitting Mazo Beach sometime this summer.

Anonymous said...

The piece on cities and the brain is interesting, and reinforces what landscape architects have understood for years. The mention of Central Park is especially appropriate, because Frederick Law Olmsted believed that nature was vital to counteract the negative impacts of urban life.