Sunday, March 1, 2009

Missed News (3/2009)

The "Missed News" series is for all the random stuff I found interesting, but was missed by other popular bloggers. This month, Nudiarist has been doing a wonderful job of keeping up with the news, which leaves me with the table scraps.
  • Naomi Wolf says "No more Disney-fied protests!" She encourages people to block traffic and cause (peaceful) disruption in order to have a successful protest. Lucky for naked people, we can slow traffic much easier.
  • Two nurses pose nude for an advertisement, and get a Taiwan clinic in hot water.
  • Riding a motorcycle in sleet? Stupid. Doing it without a license? Stupider. Doing it naked? Stupidest. Fleeing a cop several times while doing it? I've run out of words for this guy...
  • Speaking of stupid, don't stand outside a catholic church naked. Nothing warms the soul quite like a taser.
  • Some naked people might do dumb things, but crazy religious people are far worse.
  • It's not just naked people and religious people, even environmentalists have their bad apples.
  • It's not just the naked people, religious people, and environmentalists, even PETA has some bad apples.
  • What better way to relieve some frustration at another website than google-bombing it with naked pictures. This blogger did: intro, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times. Sadly though, it won't do anything since he earned a content warning in the process.
  • I found this flowchart funny, because it shows that guys skip the clothing.
  • The same blog also posted this clever evolution picture.
  • Speaking of evolution, or more to the point natural selection, I've seen this "What's the Harm?" website mentioned in a few blogs.
  • Although the porn captures the headline of this news story, the other points are just as interesting. Teens these days spend 1 hr 40 min each week looking at porn, 1 hr 35 min looking at weight loss sites, 2 hrs watching YouTube videos, and up to 9 hours on chat rooms and social sites.
  • Another study was briefly covered (no pun intended) by Nudiarist, but I'm reposting it here anyway. The study finds that men see bikini-clad women more as objects than people. I'd be curious of the results of including some nude "real" women, not obese but not "perfect" either, into the mix. Would they be seen as people, or as objects? Also, how would a true nudist see the women? The same areas may light up with the bikini-clad women, with us thinking that we should help them remove that uncomfortable and silly-looking bikini.
  • If you heard about those many gigs of leaked CRS reports, but don't want to download them in order to search them, here's a tip: Google " search terms" Here's an example.
  • When people divorce, their lifestyles are much harder on the environment. One senator is encouraging people to stay married to save the planet. We should also inform them that couples who spend time casually naked together often have deeper relationships. (I forget where I read this...)
  • See what all the buzz is about at the Oscars.
  • The Folsom Street Festival is always pushing the latest fashion trends.
  • Now for some inside jokes related to carrots.
  • Here's a handy guide to trends over the last three decades.
  • As always, I have some Google-related privacy news. First is Google Latitude, which uses your cell phone to broadcast your location.
  • Second is a combination that I knew would happen soon. Google StreetView now includes user-submitted pictures. Now it's easier than ever to see your house from every possible angle in high resolution.
  • There are fun ways to protest Google too, like writing messages to them on basketball courts.
  • Lastly, remember Polar Rose? Google is working on a copycat that links faces to email addresses.

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