Sunday, March 1, 2009

VVRC Mid-Winter Party

My girlfriend and I attended this year's VVRC Mid-Winter party, and thought it was great! Steve & Angie attended, along with many of the people we know from the Car Show (of course). I don't have the time to do a big writeup and review, so I'll just list some of the key items.

Stuff to do:
  • The 37-person pool was a little bit cool, but warm enough to walk into without a huge shock. People didn't swim in it too often.
  • The 7-person hot tub was a bit too hot for people, as they usually stated when they got in. My girlfriend and I sauna with some friends, so it was just fine for us. It was nice that there was often room available, since people got out quick.
  • They had an official supper of lasagna, fettichini alfredo, breadsticks, a salad, and cake. Delicious!
  • People were encouraged to bring munchies to share, which ended up being three tables full of goodies.
  • There was a pretty good DJ, with lights and a small area for a dancefloor, set up in the pool area. It was a bit loud, but still good. A vast majority of the dancers were attractive women, and with a peak of about 12 on the dancefloor. Not many guys danced, but the most notable was a couple that could actually dance (ballroom-style) instead of just wiggling their butts. (Not that there's anything wrong with a dozen girls wiggling their butts...)
  • We played cards with that couple for a while -- they and everyone else were quite friendly.
  • Walking around, we found the arcade and had a naked game of Battletoads.
Things I learned:
  • A lot of people seem to default to being an AANR member. I find this sad.
  • There was a surprising number of age 20's and 30's couples there, and no kids at all. There was a healthy gender balance as well.
  • Not many people knew about or frequent Mazo Beach. It's odd that there are two very separate groups between VVRC and Mazo Beach, even though both are minutes from Madison.
  • Several people thought the Badger Naturists BBB was a better party.
  • VVRC doesn't really have an "owner", they are more of a co-op. Cool!
  • VVRC has 50 too many members to be for sale. (Not that I've been thinking about buying the place or anything...)
Things that were questionable:
  • Two older women performing the YMCA. You may be thinking -- what's wrong with that? They were on their backs, head towards the DJ, doing it with their legs. Funny, yes, but still questionable.
  • A different lady put edible gel on my girlfriend's nipples, with the expectation that I'd lick it off. (She did this to the card-playing couple as well.) We didn't -- it's a nudist party, not a swinger party. I sincerely hope that she got a talking to by someone. She was gone before I could say anything. It is important to point out that we were all naked together, but absolutely refused to act in any lewd manner.
  • There was a group from Sun Ray Hills that kept wanting us to visit there. The women wore lingerie stuff, and they really seemed like a group of swingers. Sun Ray Hills is an AANR-only club, and they have nothing for younger tent-campers like us, which is why I don't plan to visit.
  • It seems that a majority of nudists are shaved or well trimmed. I felt a little out-of-place in that respect.
All-in-all, I thought it was a fun party. Although I got the sense that a reasonable number of swingers were there, they were well-behaved with the exceptions I pointed out above. It was a pretty good venue and had a great turnout. We had fun!

Update: All Nudist posted more about the questionable stuff.


Anonymous said...

You got that pretty right, especially the comments about nipple-likkin' and about some of the folks you met.

E-mail me for more info.

One thing you got wrong, there WAS one lovely and vivacious young woman that seemed to spend a good deal of time in the pool!

And, did you have a bit of a rash the next day, like we did? I TOLD the maintenance guy that the hot tub needed more chlorine...

Academic Naturist said...

I don't think I want more info...

No rashes here. Are you sure it's not from that computer chair you spent a lot of time on? :-) I wonder if any later hotel guests followed your link.