Friday, May 1, 2009

Missed News (5/2009)

The "Missed News" series is for all the random stuff I found interesting, but was missed by other popular bloggers. (Or that needs to be covered again.) Nudiarist has been on break, so hopefully I can snap up some of the stories he'd normally post.

Indian Ocean Rowing Race News:
  • In the first day, Hoppipolla had a steering issue and had to quit. Also, one of the members of the Dream It Do It boat was injured, flown to the hospital, and is recovering. Dream It Do It has also quit the race. They were one of the teams rowing naked.
  • Whatever It Takes (the Aussie boys in budgie smugglers) have also quit due to a leaky boat.
  • Doing Time has also quit due to losing a lot of their equipment and other broken stuff.
  • Old Mutual (Simon, who is rowing solo and naked) capsized his boat but has recovered and is still in the race.
  • Ocean Angels news:
  • Day 1 treated them pretty well, even though Fiona was washed off the seat twice and a flying fish made her scream like a little girl.
  • Day 3 they wore matching textiles, and days of paddling made their butts sore.
  • Day 4 and day 5 had a storm hindering their (and all teams) progress, so they deployed the para-anchor and took a break. They went a little crazy during these days. Day 4, one of the waves smashed an oar and the dagger board, and bent a light, but all is fixed. In day 5, they described their very own Swedish sauna -- including four naked blonds! (If anything, read the day 5 post because it's quite funny!)
  • Day 6 they were full steam ahead and making great progress.
  • A few days later they detail their entertainment for the "nightshift of doom", and talk about their daily song. (Also a funny post.)
  • On the 29th they talk about their power issues. The gadget queen, who is having withdrawal, has also been saving the day (or night, actually) with her sextant. They are also seeking out an Eddy, but are worried that he's hiding from the four naked women.
  • If you haven't seen pictures of the boat, and are wondering what they mean by the "coffin" and the "master bedroom", they are at opposite ends of their boat.
  • Right now, the Ocean Angels have just pulled into the lead! Woohoo!! Go naked ladies!!
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