Monday, May 18, 2009

More News (5.58/2009)

It's not quite a regular "Missed News" post, but there's at least Ocean Angels news and a some news about the blog.

First of all, you may have noticed that there hasn't been a real (non-news) post in about three weeks. Well, I've been busy. For the record, if there aren't any posts from me it's likely due to being busy at work or busy with some (likely naturist related) project that isn't quite ready. If I'm not busy, I have a million things I can post. This time around, I've been busy with two naturist related projects. One is the Nude Olympics for Mazo Beach, which is being announced next. The other, well... Sometimes the best move is to stay quiet for a few months. It's not a project that I'm driving, but instead a project that I'm reacting to. I don't like those. I'll tell you all about it later.

On top of all that, we're planning for our big trip to Eastover for the TNS Gathering. I'm not sure how to write about the Gathering just yet... Should I do a blog post afterwords? Should I do posts each night if internet is available? Or, as Nudiarist suggested, do lots of Twitter posts during each day? The problem with Twitter is that we'd need a cell phone, and it's hard to carry one when naked! Plus, we're going our separate ways to attend things we each like. Before that, we also have an interesting weekend lined up which will result in another fairly long blog post. I'll probably do most of the writing/posting in early July. Sorry in advance for the delays...

Onward to the latest Indian Ocean Rowing Race / Ocean Angel news!
  • They posted a naked picture of Simon. I have no idea how he can row that huge boat all by himself.
  • Early this month, they summarized the problems on all boats, and went into detail about the water issues.
  • The 8-person crew has been mooning other boats. That same post also states that the Ocean Angels are extending their lead.
  • The site also talks about rower cuisine. I haven't heard of any teams fishing, but it seems like a good idea.
  • Speaking of fish, a flying fish hit Simon in the forehead and landed in his boat. Easy dinner, I'd say! That post also sums up the aches and pains from rowers.
  • Boat 7 was closing the gap between them and the Ocean Angels. In all fairness, a giant wave from nowhere hit Boat 7 and knocked their pants off -- literally.
  • News from the Ocean Angels started out pretty good. The sea showed them a lot of love, and they were making great progress.
  • Soon after they claimed they felt like peanuts, salted and tanned.
  • Speaking of food, they detail what they eat.
  • They also explain how they use the toilet. A later post provides more detail when talking about cravings: "And Jo who is a craving a toilet she can sit on without having to straddle the person rowing at bow." Hope they aren't shy...
  • Around the 7th this month, when they were still making good progress, they say that it's getting a little monotonous. Their phone rang, but would cut off before they could pick it up. They were hoping that it was Charlie and that he was going to send the Angels on a more exciting mission.
  • After 3 weeks at sea, they hit the 1000 mile mark.
  • They look a bit sunburned already in their picture.
  • On the 15th they had to fix their last "whale gusher bilge pump".
  • Around that time, they were caught in a vortex by Eddy. On the 16th, their direction was backwards. They finally broke away on the 17th, but this vortex caused them to lose their lead position.
  • Life is back to normal, and they explain the process of washing their hair.
For those who don't actually read the blog posts from the Ocean Angels, you really should. They are quite funny writers, and have a lot of running jokes. They are having a miserable time at sea, but they take it all in good humor.

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