Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missed News (7/2009)

The "Missed News" series is for all the random stuff I found interesting, but was missed by other popular bloggers.

But, the main popular blogger decided to call it quits on his news recaps. See his post on where to find the latest news. I strongly suggest his Shared Items feed and an RSS reader.

Since he stopped, the "missed news" series doesn't make much sense anymore... I may still post news, but as a different type of post.
  • Nudiarist called it quits, then came back with the following:
  • All Nudist (Steve) is toughing out some medical issues. Hang in there!
  • The big news currently, that nudiarist wrote about one / two / three times, is the attack on Jasmine Trails. They moderated out my first comment, so I tried the shotgun approach. (They accepted a few under different names and locations.) In the beginning, most of the comments were anti-nudist. Now, it seems to be mostly nudist. To those the commented -- great job!
  • I posted a comment here too -- why not? More of us should proudly claim to be naturists in random unexpected places.
  • Treehugger had a WNBR slideshow -- that's pretty good promotion since they don't normally post stuff like that. (Google reports them as having almost 14,000 subscribers.) The slideshow avoids frontal nudity though.
  • Some Oxford girls strip around campus and enjoy it.
  • Big fines for women showing undies in Yakima, Washington.
  • An office in the UK had a "Naked Friday", which was recorded and shown on TV. (I can't find a copy yet though...) David said that the going naked improved the company.
  • City workers in Brooksville, Florida aren't allowed to go without underwear and aren't allowed to show underwear. If nobody can see it -- then how would they know if you're wearing any? Don't bend over or you might get fined....
  • Nobody was panicking as a passenger stripped on a plane.
  • A former Georgia mayor was caught naked at a county campsite and charged with public indecency.
Indian Ocean Rowing Race News:
  • The naked solo rower, Simon Prior, had to retire from the race. (News, Statement)
  • On July 6th, the Ocean Angels crossed the finish line (after 78.5 days) making them the first female crew to row the Indian Ocean. (Press release, BBC news, other article)
  • On their blog since last time, they wrote about the following:
    • They were battling with power problems and lists of small injuries.
    • Some dolphins visited, along with a bird that wanted to attack.
    • At the 1000 miles to go mark, they had a peach party and awards.
    • At one point, they worry about pirates.
    • A discussion of high fashion mentions that the "less is more" look is most popular and results in a better all-over tan.
    • It's cruel that the race designers had them row by land.
    • Their lingo list.
    • A few days away, they contemplate what to wear at the finish line.
    • They crossed the 200 mile mark...twice... Weather conditions were bad enough to take an oar and injure an Angel.
    • 100 to go -- the last night -- and the arrival press release. Congratulations Angels!

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