Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News Bits (7/22/09)

Similar to the "Missed News" series of the past, I post some random news that I haven't seen elsewhere, and other thoughts.

Note: I'm sure you noticed that I'm not posting about the big issues like other bloggers. I'm very actively following it, posting comments, and helping where I can, but don't see a need to repost stuff here. Follow NAC, AANR, and The Political Naturist (a neutral party between the two) for all the news.

Blog news:
  • I'm catching up on my summer stories!
  • Thursday eve is a mini-trip writeup from just before our Gathering trip, and is probably my most questionable post to date.
  • Friday eve is the full story from TNS's Eastern Naturist Gathering at Eastover.
  • Next week is two more Mazo Manor episodes, the second of which is the Nude Recreation Weekend festivities.
Other news:
Lastly, I'm posting a clip from a magazine that I saw in Minneapolis. It's the "Mpls St Paul Magazine". On the cover it said "Skinny-dip discretely" so I had to check it out. It sounded OK until I read the last sentence. Should I write the editor? What should I say? Anyway, here's the clip:
How To: Swim naked
Skinny-dipping at the lake is a Minnesota tradition, but strangely, no one has ever seen a Minnesotan naked outside. To preserve their modesty, locals enter the water with their swimsuits on, slip them off in the water, discretely place them on the dock, and slip their suits on underwater when they are finished swimming. They then return to the privacy of their cabin, where all manner of sinful frolicking ensues.

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Rick said...

Lookng forward to the upcoming posts.

I watching the California issues but trying to to take sides or come to any conclusions. There seems to be a lot of hysteria and assumptions in the air right now.

As for the last item. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing. I don't even own a swimsuit.