Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mazo Manor - S2E03 - Everyone Loves Big Melons!

Monday afternoon, the first day of Nude Recreation Week, we took a trip to the beach to check on the signs. Before Eastover, Gaia had put up large posters and lots of mini ones that people could take in each of the three porta-potties. After Eastover, she had to spend some time in a hospital far away from Mazo. If all went well, she'd make it back just in time for the festival. She was scheduled to return to the state Friday night.

I was on poster-duty for this week. When we got there, I was quick to check the first porta-potty. I was disappointed to find the posters missing, but deep down I was expecting that. I decided to not put any new ones up until after the potential culprit(s) left.

While we were in the parking lot, an older couple struck up a conversation with us. We had previously met them at the Halloween party. We must not've talked with them much at the Halloween party, because neither of us remembered them. Oops! We were walking through the gate as they drove through and past us.

They were still unpacking things from their car when we finished the brisk walk though the gauntlet. We chatted more, and they were nice enough to give us the end from their watermelon with a plastic spoon. See -- people at Mazo are far more friendly than at textile beaches!

We all decided to sit together, since the beach was very quiet. (It's always quiet on weekdays.) They were having a good time chatting with us, and we would've been lonely by ourselves. We didn't mind the company.

Our entertainment for the evening were the Elders. (Kingpin and another regular who's often there but newly named: EagleEye.) Sitting next to them was a skinny college-age male who was fairly quiet and a busty college-age female who gets a temporary name: Bambi. In retrospect, I don't think they were a couple since they left the beach about 10 minutes apart. Both seemed to be newbies. She was also wearing makeup, which isn't the norm for females at the beach.

Both Kingpin and EagleEye have cameras. Kingpin has an old film camera, and EagleEye has a digital SLR. Usually they are kept packed away. They are both very trustworthy and responsible for their camera use. They always ask for permission, avoid having people in the background of the photos, and keep camera use to a minimum. EagleEye often is more interested in photographing the wildlife than people.

Before we got to the beach, Kingpin must've talked up Bambi and convinced her to give them permission to photograph her. In the first hour we were there, Bambi had pictures both on the beach and in the water taken from both of the guys from every angle. She was laughing at the occasional vulgar comments from Kingpin (and sometimes returning a few), and seemed to be having a good time as the celebrity of the beach. Although the situation was a little annoying (and distracting) for us, I must admit that she was really cute in the water when the fish were nipping at her toes. She giggled from the tickling, then left the water when the fish started going after other things.

After Bambi and the young guy left, Kingpin set his sights on the other group with nice melons. He talked to the couple we were sitting by because he knew them. He knew us too, but for some reason he didn't want to talk to us...

Soon after, the Elders left the beach, and we knew it was safe to put up some posters. The two porta-potties in the little parking lot had no posters either. I put up what I had in all three porta-potties. I didn't put them in an easy-to-take-down spots either, I had little ones on all sides and one under the TP dispenser that could only be seen when sitting down. (I even covered up the traces of vulgar graffiti that were in two of them -- I wish the DNR could catch the people who do that stuff.) Hopefully the posters would last all week...


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